July 31, 2013

Death Waltz and Waxwork Don’t Care About Your Rent Money

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 12.27.56 PM

I feel like I’m letting you guys in on a secret. One that might make things more difficult for me in the future.

Some of you are probably already aware of the resurgance of vinyl soundtracks. We all know Mondo is doing some great work. Today I want to shine a light on two other companies I find to be kicking all sorts of ass: Death Waltz Recording Company and Waxwork Records.

record2Founded by Spencer Hickman in 2011, Death Waltz has upped the ante with the quality of art, packaging and all around presentation. Their recent release of John Carpenter’s The Fog, featuring artwork by Dinos Chapman, broke the internet for days with the amount of traffic it drove to their site. The first pressing was released in three versions: black vinyl, blue and green splatter on clear vinyl or green and white haze on clear vinyl. A repressed edition of Blake’s Gold vinyl will be available in early August. The double LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and, like all Death Waltz releases, comes with a print of the cover art.

Their pressing of Rob’s Maniac score is equally impressive with silver metallic blood splatter, flesh colored blood splatter and a picture disc edition all available at first release. The gatefolds for both of these are unlike any I’ve had before. They might be four times as thick as the standard stock used. When you hold a Death Waltz record, you can feel and appreciate the care that went into the production and planning of it all.

Today, I’m directing you to a service they provide. Subscription Number 3 is available right now in a very limited quantity. It might be gone already (there were 83 left at the time of this post). It seems like a hefty price tag sitting around $300 total with shipping but, consider everything it entails: The next six DW releases, special offers, subscription only exclusives (last time it was a flexi for Halloween 3 with the Silver Shamrock jingle), a tote bag and, perhaps most importantly, your time! You don’t have to rush to get one of the limited quantity first pressing because, buddy, you’re locked in. Groovy.

record1Then we have Waxwork Records launching with their remastered Richard Band score for Re-Animator. This bad boy features fantastic artwork from Rue Morgue Magazine staple, Ghoulish Gary Pullin, and is pressed on 180 gram green vinyl with randomly inserted glow-in-the-dark vinyl. The pre-order is over and it is available for sale as of yesterday. On deck for Waxwork is Rosemary’s Baby for which a definative version has never been on vinyl. This is a hell of a start and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Fans of the new wave of vinyl soundtrack reissues should also keep an eye on One Way Static Records as they work on their first release, the David Hess score to Wes Craven’s Last House On the Left.

It’s a good time to be a collector of vinyl soundtracks and a really awful time for rent. Are there any other releases you know about that you’re looking forward to? Let me know, yo.