April 18, 2014

Great WTF Moments in Film History: The TRON ‘Members Only’ Jacket

Tron1Few fashion trends are as synonymous with the 80s as the ‘Members Only’ jacket. Nothing says “timeless elegance” better than the coat that let everyone know you were a member of a very exclusive club of jacket-wearing men. Indeed, their slogan “When you put it on, something happens,” (for my father, that “something” was looking like a gigantic tool) inspired an entire generation of men to flock to JC Penny and procure their very own trendy piece of panache.  

But something else happened in the 80s: Tron. Indeed, ‘Members Only’ and Tron are actually the only two things modern society has record of from this long-forgotten decade. And wouldn’t you know it? The powers-that-be at Walt Disney Studios wanted their crewpeople to stay warm and immensely stylish. Does this mean they were each given their very own Tron-themed ‘Members Only’ Jacket? Bet your fucking ass it does:

This Very Rare TRON Crew Jacket is a real collectors item. It was never available to the general public, but was only issued to those people who worked on the original 1982 Disney film… All of the TRON logos, including down the sleeve, are embroidered on. The color is a nice medium pewter grey, with custom red piping trim that wraps around each arm and over each shoulder. There are three pockets on the outside and an inside wallet pocket. [YourProps.com]

The ‘Members Only’ brand has seen something of a resurgence in recent times, their jackets showing up on the shoulders of celebs like Rihanna and Anne Hathaway. And Tron almost had its own revival in the form of Tron: Legacy, a mediocre spin-off film based on a great Daft Punk album of the same name. But I’d argue the highpoint of both brands occurred at their epic confluence where this jacket was born.


tron2 tron3 tron4

Source: Big thanks to the fine folks at Cinema Du Meep. They posted a photo of one of these things months ago on their Facebook which I then filed away in my brain to write about on a rainy day.