August 14, 2013

GRIZZLY MAN 2? Nah, It’s Just the Trailer for Disney’s BEARS


As an animal lover I’m allowed to appreciate cute and cuddly things, even if said cute and cuddlies can rip out my innards and make pudding with my kidneys before I can say “Timothy Treadwell.” This trailer for DisneyNature’s Bears, not to be confused with Chicago’s Bears (home to Smokin’ Jay Cutler) goes a long way in making ferocious bears seem wholly approachable. Perhaps that’s not for the best, but any movie that calls attention to the plight of these incredible beasts is fine by me. Seeing Bears opening week will net a donation from Disney “in your honor” to the National Park Foundation, so hooray for charitable causes.

Seriously though, if these Bears don’t beat the Packers this year I’m going to have a coronary.