PACIFIC RIM 2 Is No Longer An Absurd Idea


I Like Seeing This Guy Happy

It’s no secret that the summer of 2013 has been a bloodbath for mega-budgeted blockbusters; so much so that the idea of $50 tickets might be a staple of our not-too-distant future. The Lone Ranger, After Earth, White House Down (though, to be fair, WHD suffered more from bad timing than sucktitude after the similarly themed Olympus Has Fallen released earlier this year), and most recently R.I.P.D, have all flopped spectacularly in the last few months. While many of those failures amount to bad ideas and hubris (Lone Ranger and After Earth, respectively) another victim of the carnage, Guillermo del Toro’s kaiju-slug fest, Pacific Rim had nothing but good will aimed at it since it was announced. But after three weeks of anemic domestic grosses that failed to break the $100 million mark—on a $190 millionish budget—it looked like geek franchise dreams were scuttled.

But according to Nikki Finke, via Deadline, the hoped for overseas success, particularly in China and Japan, seems to be on the verge of saving the film from failure:

“The latest development is the 3D sci-fi actioner’s Wednesday opening in China to a record-breaking $9M. That’s a new high for any Warner Bros release and 23% bigger than any Harry Potter film. Rim grossed a huge 70% of the market share there.”

So what does that mean? Well, for one thing I had no idea the Chinese loved Harry Potter that much. But 70% of a billion people sounds like a good haul in a country where only about 35 American films get released in a year. As of now the global take for Rim stands at over $224 million which would seem to make it profitable in a way AE, The Lone Ranger and R.I.P.D. never will be. But who knows if del Toro would even return? I could see him passing the reigns to work on something he’s more invested in even if WB and Legendary decide to move forward with a sequel, which writer  Travis Beacham has already begun scripting. So, while nothing is written in stone, kaiju and Ron Perleman fans seem to have good reason to keep hope alive.